Jaswant Pakki

Hi, I'm Jaswant! Thanks for checking out my artwork. I'm a cybersecurity engineer based in Washington, D.C. and paint in my free time. I make every piece in my living room.

I fell in love with abstract art in May 2022 during a private art class in Monterey, CA. While the style of my artwork varies quite a bit, I try to keep a couple things consistent: lots of color, natural elements (usually turmeric or chai), and funky textures.

I didn't start painting with the intent to sell my work. However, I do feel a lot of joy when someone wants to hang up a painting of mine in their space. Art is an outlet for me to express myself and dive into the beauty of my community. In turn, it only feels appropriate that I use it to give back as much as I can. All proceeds from purchasing my work will be donated to local non-profits and charities. If there's a specific organization you want the money to go towards, please reach out!

Whether it's through purchasing my art, liking my posts, or admiring from afar, I appreciate your support and would love to hear from you!

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